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Dr. Brian Lane D.C.

Dr Lane


Dr. Brian Lane is a Portage based chiropractor committed to bringing you better health and a better way of life. He helps his patients achieve their wellness goals through teaching and practicing the true principles of chiropractic and nutritional wellness care. It is his belief that chiropractic care and the maintenance of the spine are vital components to overall health.


Dr. Brian performs specific hands-on chiropractic adjustments of the spine and extremities manual spinal traction, trigger point therapy and nutritional counseling. He utilizes a unique fusion of techniques such as Diversified, Gonstead, and drop table and instrumentation adjusting. Patients from all over Michigan and beyond consult him on a variety of issues from neck and back pain, headaches & migraines to TMJ, digestive problems and more. Home stretches and exercises augment office visits. Each patient receives personalized attention as well as safe, effective treatment from Dr. Brian, himself. Known for his comforting touch and calm manner he quickly sets patients at ease.


Dr. Brian is originally from the Athens, MI area and is the proud father of his son Chase. He graduated in 2000 from Palmer College of Chiropractic and in 2004 established Cornerstone Chiropractic Center. Dr. Brian is composed, explains himself clearly and actively works with his patients to guide them individually to better health and peace of mind. Nutrition, diet and exercise are among the topics discussed to promote health.


At Cornerstone Chiropractic Center, quality care is paramount. Here, you will receive the personalized care and attention needed to guide you to better health.


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"Although I've been seeing chiropractors for years (my last one retired), I feel fortunate to be under the care of Dr. Lane. I'm pretty choosey about who my doctors are (chiropractic, dentist, medical) and only continue to see ones who provide high quality care. Dr. Lane is one of those people who is truly committed to your well-being, listens to your concerns, and provides guidance and explanations as he treats any chiropractic conditions that you may have. I also judge the quality of staff that a chiropractor, dentist, or physician has working for them. In this case, I have not met a better or more friendly staff in any office. I'm very pleased with the care and hospitality that I receive at Cornerstone Chiropractic Center!"


"I became a patient at Cornerstone Chiropractic about three months ago; up until then I had never been to a Chiropractor before. I had been experiencing headaches on a daily basis. I also had a lot of pain in my upper back, more than likely from years at a computer plus my bad posture. I tried different things to try and achieve some relief. I tried stretching, twisting, bending, yoga, massage, lots of Tylenol and nothing really seemed to help. When I finally had my first appointment I had a orthopedic exam performed and the results revealed that I had severe nervous system disturbances, especially in the cervical area of my spine. No wonder I was having so much discomfort and headaches. Within the first month of receiving specific chiropractic adjustments I actually felt better. I cannot tell you the last time I had a headache and my backaches are very rare. If I do feel some discomfort I make sure I get adjusted as soon as possible and I feel relieved almost instantly. As an added bonus I’ve noticed that I feel less tired and more energetic. Adding chiropractic to my lifestyle has been one of the best decisions I have made and I definitely plan to continue with chiropractic care. Thanks Dr. Brian!"


I simply lucked out when I found Dr. Lane The staff at Cornerstone Chiropractic Center are amazing and very well informed. I was in so much pain when I first visited Dr. Lane, and after 2 visits my pain decreased by 50%! After a few more visits I felt 20 years younger! Thank You! Thank You!

Jim Derento

I know there is so much controversy between chiropractic and medical care, but if it were not for chiropractic I would still be in pain. A car accident left me with constant back pain. I tried everything from painkillers to preparing to have surgery. I heard stories from my friends who had surgery and to this day wish they never had it. I decided to go to Dr. Lane before the surgery and I am so thankful that I did. My back pain is 95% gone and my life has changed because of Dr. Lane. Thank you so much!

Terra Lee

From the time I walked in the door I was impressed! I was seen promptly, and Dr. Lane was a true professional. When I was younger I was in a car accident and have been suffering with neck and back pain. Almost to the point that I couldn't get out of bed! After 6 treatments I started to see relief, and today it's like the accident never happened. I've been seeing Dr. Lane for about 2 years now and I am so excited about the future!

Matt Willow